Investor Relations
Management Team

INET is managed by a team of professionals with in-depth understanding of the business. Rather than trading off long-term viability of the company for short-term performances, management's long years of service enables a more vareity of short-term tactical executions, long-term strategies and reinforcing corporate core values throughout the operations.

Since IPO in late 2001, each and every management officer at INET is also a minor shareholder and has common interest with the shareholders for prosperity of the company. Each of the entire team works fulltime at INET.

Mrs. Morragot Kulatumyotin
Managing Director
Mr. Wanchai Vach-shewadumrong
Deputy Managing Director
Mr. Saknon Kangsumrith
Senior Vice President
Mr. Attawut Kampradit
Senior Vice President
Mr. Piyaret Saelee
Senior Vice President
Mr. Attaphong Habsa
Senior Vice President
Mrs. Varaporn Pintola
Senior Vice President
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