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Transform business for the future

INET innovates business operations with cutting-edge technology, linking businesses in Bangkok and surrounding areas, covering over 1 million square meters of space, including leading shopping malls and industrial estates throughout the country. MetroLAN is Ultra Hi-speed Internet that can help corporate clients work effectively and efficiently with expert backup by experienced technical teams.

Future business activities are now ready

  • Intelligence Office supporting Wireless Office and other multi-media applications including Multicast, Video Streaming, Video Conference, Voice over IP, Online Data Back-up, Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Link businesses in Bangkok and surrounding areas covering over 1 million square meters of space.
  • Support On-Demand service and business expansion
  • Business transactions are assured of highest stability through two network operating centers (NOCs) working on Ring and Redundancy configuration to prevent network failure.

MetroLAN features superior technology:

  • Send and receive data at the speed of 10 Gbps for both domestic and international transactions with unlimited usage.
  • Real-time, 24 hours connection.
  • Flexible speed selection option.
  • Guarantee 99.90% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).
MetroLAN is best choice for leading organizations which demand fast network connectivity with reliability and efficiency.
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