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Fast communication to all target groups

Inet-SMS is INET's intelligent SMS service on the most stable and secure Internet backbone, enabling organizations to communicate with a large number of clients, business partners, staff and target groups in just seconds at the most affordable rates and with the added convenience of the company's easy data management web interface - or in combination with your own application. It is a revolutionary form of communication covering extensive areas and reaching all target groups at the most economical rate.

Inet-SMS is a superior service that you can choose:

All-in-one solution SMS service covering all mobile network operators with direct links to AIS, DTAC, Hutch, True and Thai Mobile.
Bulk SMS that can send text messages to a large number of recipients in a speedy manner with after-sales service and marketing analysis.
Self-operated SMS service through web interface, can trace data history, calculate cost at any time of day.
SMS applications can be extended for a variety of services reflecting real needs.

Inet-SMS offers two kinds of service

1. SMS service through INET web application
INET will open an account for the user or organization with system administration capable of creating sub-groups in the organization who are authorized to send SMS. Each user can create his own address book.

SMS service through INET Web Application

2. SMS service through the INET SMS gateway
Organizations with their own SMS application can also use the INET SMS Gateway service. An account will be opened with username, password and protocol to be negotiated. This service is suitable for an organization which already has its own SMS client profile and wants to send SMS in bulk.

SMS service through the INET SMS Gateway

Inet-SMS is suitable for:

Organizations such as insurance companies, brokers and other service operators who want to communicate instantly to a large number of their own staff and clients anywhere, any time.

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