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INET Secure Drive
More efficient and more secure
in systematically storing your information.

INET Secure Drive system offers organizations or enterprises to conveniently store and secure your increased security-focused data with its backup. The system has been designed to facilitate computer personnel of the organization to securely download and upload resources as well as to be able to speedily access the required data with an easily understandable summary as needed by the executives concerned. The INET Secure Drive system has been ensured and certified by ISO 27001:2013.

Storing Data System

  • Automatic data management.
  • Self- setup the storage capacity and the expiry date.
  • Backup data and Log Control System.

Secure Data System

  • Cloud INET is certified by ISO 27001:2013.
  • Software System monitoring the adjustment, updating the version of the data stored, and allowing only the authorized user.

Access to Data of the System

  • Full Text Search for a word in Microsoft Office files.
  • Advance Search by selecting data items satisfying a condition.


  • Executive Summary.
  • Enable to Export as a Microsoft Excel file.
  • Real-time Auto Refresh.

Special Feasibilities

  • Support multiple languages.
  • Enable to edit/delete User as required.
  • Enable to copy Link and forward it to other users.
  • Support to store data in a specified-file version.
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